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Re: Mike Caviston

I don't believe there is a perfect program. CrossFit, SEALFit, Military Athlete, the Physical Training Guide, etc. are all means for accomplishing a specific end. In the context of this conversation, the end is successful completion of BUD/S or another Selection pipeline. Different athletes may find a specific program is better suited to their specific and relative needs. Or, they may find a program requires supplemental work, or "selection specific training," as Andy Stumpf states.

In my case, I have specific needs to address deficiencies in my overall GPP that is not adequately enhanced by the CrossFit Main Site WOD alone. I, personally, use CrossFit as my foundation and supplement with CrossFit Endurance and other more specific work to address personal deficiencies in certain general physical skills. It's been the best approach for me and for my athletes. However, that isn't to say I haven't looked at Military Athlete, SEALFit, or the Physical Training Guide written by Mr. Caviston. They all have valuable information.

Ultimately, it's up to an individual to determine what program is best suited to that individual's particular needs. Up to this point, I have found CrossFit, as a foundation, to be the "best," or most appropriate, program for me and my athletes, including my athletes that are preparing for selection pipelines.