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Coming off SS/CFFB/CFSB

I wasn't sure to put this into the nutrition thread, or here, but figured fitness was the place. If not, moderators feel free to move it.

I'm currently doing CFFB and drinking a gallon of milk a day because I want my strength numbers to go up -- that's my goal. However, I don't want to stay on the program forever, because I'm getting my strength numbers up to be able to do all of the heavier CF workouts from the main page as RXd (Linda, etc.) -- that's my long term goal.

My question is -- after a few more weeks on CFFB/GOMAD program I've been on, I'm eventually going to come off. How do I make sure that I don't lose most of my strength gains (and the mass gain in my legs/chest/butt/shoulders) when I switch back to the CF mainpage WODs? Does anyone have any experience coming off the SS program and switching to the CF WODs to lose the extra weight they've gained while being able to maintain their new strength numbers?

I'm 6'0 and 190 pounds, by the way.
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