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Re: Just started looking for some advice

Pertaining to the never really worked out thing I have a couple suggestions.
First off, make sure that when you start, you start with the BrandX scaled versions, probably puppy. that way you dont injure yourself, which brings me to my next point. Find someone to teach you the lifts. If there is a crossfit affiliate in Redding, or perhaps make a weekend trip to one in Sacremento, make sure you have someone teach you the proper way to do the lifts. You can also video yourself and then post them on the site here, and get good pointers there as well. Here is a link to a post that has numerous bodyweight only routines that may help you build a base strength before jumping into the weighted lifts. (WFS)

All in all, make some goals, start doing something cause it is always better than nothing, and just keep going even when it gets hard, thats the best part.
I'm just sayin...
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