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Re: Snatch

Fellas, thanks for the feedback. I'll try to slow down the first pull and not just rip the bar off the floor. Glad my back-angle fault was confirmed and I'll have to keep the "chest up" cue on my mind next time I lift.

Ryan- I saw that article a while ago, but I'll go revisit and and pay some more attention. As for the slo-mo video I have a PC and just use the Microsoft Movie Maker software that came with the computer a few years ago. If you want to do real time then slow motion, import the video file, copy and paste a copy (so you have 2 copies of your clip right next to each other), then drop "1/2 Speed" video effects onto the second clip until it's slowed down enough for you (in my video I dropped 3 of these onto the clip). Hope that helps, kinda hard to explain.

Thanks again.
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