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Re: 40+ pull ups

I can do 40 pull ups. I'm new to crossfit, so I am not familiar with all of the methods advocated here.

The way I increased pull ups was doing them regularly, adding weight, and always locking out on my extension and getting above the bar with my chin. A typical workout would be,

15 reps warm up (no weight)
10 reps with 45# added
7 reps with 70# added
4 reps with 90# added
Negative rep with 135# added (someone would assist me up and I'd go down as slow as possible)

I did something similar to this about twice a week and periodically threw in days that were more focused on reps. I had some friends I worked out with, so we'd do something like see who can get the most total pull ups in 20 sets...or how few sets can you use to get to 200 pull ups.
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