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To clarify: the untrained, novice, intermediate, advanced, and elite categories "represent a performance that can reasonably be expected of an athlete at various levels of training advancement using standard full range of motion barbell exercises." The details of each category are further specified in the legend accompanying the tables. The numbers apply to non-specialists; it would be expected that an elite powerlifter perform far in excess of the elite numbers in the tables, and the various federations have their own criteria for performance level based on what actually happens within their competitive sport. There are 114 lb. girls in the Texas High School PL Association pulling 400 lbs., much stronger than Nicole (who would perform at the elite level in open PL competition if she cared to compete).

The fact that an exceptionally gifted athlete can perform ahead of expectations based on training time should not surprise anybody, nor should the fact that genetic doofusses wander around many gyms for years without getting anything accomplished through no fault of anybody but their parents.

The tables are a guideline for training, not an absolute evaluation of the competitive prospects of athletes participating in general strength training or CrossFit. Lon and I stand by the usefulness of the values in the tables, genetic freaks, and I don't care if Dimitri's girlfriend whips my butt.
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