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Re: Bumper Confusion

Originally Posted by Carlos Cristan View Post
That sounds like a pretty good deal. Im afraid to ask what your side of the deal entails, but whatever it is I'm pretty sure it'll be worth it. Im gonna order my 140kg High Temp bumper set from Pendlay this week. I'm having great success, as far as getting the support of my better half, by only spending a couple hundred dollars a month. Sometimes I get the stink eye when I get a little above that, like when I drove 8 hours to El Paso to pick up a used Concept II C, for $400.
Ya, you don't want to know... or is it I am to embarrassed to sayI only get a monthly allowance of 75 dollars though, so I'd say you have the better deal over the long run.

I am trying to decide whether to spend my refund check on sorinex or ironmind squat stands as I am writing this.

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