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Re: Bumper Confusion

Glenn sells some 10-lb bumpers. I believe they ARE Jason's 10-lb bumpers. His 25, 35, 45lb bumpers are different from his 10's. ALSO, his hi-temp 10-lb bumpers are solid, they WILL hold up to abuse, but they are just that, solid (aka they don't bend). If you drop a fully loaded bar with 2 45's, 2 35's, and 2 hi-temp 10's, I don't know if it'd be too much different from dropping a bar with all iron plates except the hi-temp 10's (aka the hi-temp 10's would absorb all the impact). Though they're tough as nails, and they may be able to take even that kind of abuse.

As for me, I found that except for his 10's being different size (slightly later) from the 25's, 35's, and 45's that I got from him, I love them. Plus, they're sturdy as all heck for 10 lb bumpers. I have no qualms about dropping a 45 lb bar from overhead with just one pair of 10-lb bumpers. I've loaded up 6 of his 10's and dumped it from overhead, and aside from a more *thud* like bounce than the larger thickness plates (25's, 35's, 45's), they hold up fine. I've not had to drop the 10's with any iron plates (besides one five on each side), so I don't know how well they'll hold up to a 10 lb bumper plus lots of iron, but at $15 per 10 lb plate, why not just buy three pairs or so?

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