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Re: Veronica's Workout Journal

Day 2 in the Zone. I had to make some minor adjustments to the timing of food. Yesterday I thought I was going to eat my arm between meal 4 and 5. Then meal 5 and 6 were way too close together.

Today was a tough one. I have no doubt in my mind that I'm going to be sore tomorrow... and a few days after that. I did box squats today. Going down isn't so bad... getting up now that's a different story. I sat on the box for 2 seconds before standing back up. The box was had me below parallell.

Day 2 - Powerlifting Squat Day
Box Squats
45 lbs - 5, 5

Working Sets
85 lbs - 2 reps x 10 sets with 1 min rest between sets

Good mornings
45 lbs - 7

Working Sets
70 lbs - 10
75 lbs - 10

Warm up
45 lbs - 9

Working Sets
135 lbs - 10, 10

Hanging Knees to Elbows (like WHOA) - 5 reps for 5 sets

1 min 4.0/30 sec 9.0 for 5 sets
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