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Re: Veronica's Workout Journal

Originally Posted by Veronica Davis View Post
Today's Workout
I did "Barbara" today. Of all the crossfit "girls" I've done... I hate her the most. At first I thought I was only going to make it through the first 3 rounds, But I decided to press on. During the pull-ups in round 4 I almost met Mr. Pukie. When I got to the sit-ups in Round 5, I swear I saw "the white light". I was like Fred Sanford "I'm coming Elizabeth". But I guess heaven wasn't ready for me and hell doesn't want me. LOL. Needless to say I sat on the stool for about 10 minutes while my insides went back to where they were supposed to be.

I'm getting better on the kipping pull-up. I was slowed down during the pull-ups in round 5 b/c I didn't use gloves and my hands were ripping open. I could have just as easily put my gloves on, but I wanted to tough it out.

Barbara as rx'd
Round 1 - 6:26
Round 2 - 7:48
Round 3 - 8:29
Round 4 - 8:49
Round 5 - 9:11
First as Rx'ed WOD
My Gym-
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