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Re: WOD thoughts on "As prescribed" with rest vs "Scaled" straight through

Matt, if you are able to do sets of 5 or more thrusters with 95lb then I would suggest the faster road to success with Fran would be to do 95lb thrusters. Likewise, if you can do 15-20 pull-ups you will not derive much benefit from resorting to jumping pull-ups.

Instead, progress is going to be made by carefully managing your efforts. If you top out at 12 thrusters before blowing up, limit yourself to 7's with short disciplined rest periods. Likewise, short sets of quick pull-ups before they start to drag will speed up your time, especially if they leave you fresher for the 15 and 9 rounds.

Apart from seeing if you can make yourself blow chunks, I don't see any benefit in scaling down to the point where you can go sub 3 when it appears strength endurance is your primary limitation.

For others, who may not be capable of even 5 thrusters with the Rx-ed weight or more than 1 or 2 pull-ups, I think scaling is appropriate. But would only recommend scaling to a weight they can accomplish 7 reps or so before breaking - NOT so they could hit 21. That would be too light to elicit any worthwhile strength benefit.

Cheers, kempie
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