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Ward Ault
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Hello all!
I am new to crossfit and just wanted to ask a couple of questions before I start using the program. My main question comes concerning the USMC PFT and TBS. Right now my main training goal is to prepared as well as possible for both of these. However, I really want to run a sub-18:00 minute on my 3 mile for the PFT so I can max it out. As I stand right now, I run about a 20:00. My question stands around the amount of running I can add to the normal WOD's without overtraining (I run 15-20 miles a week on average). I have read and searched on a lot of different topics, but I could not really find one that really focused on the PFT and TBS. I would like any suggestions that anyone has on what they think about this topic. I am going to be doing the WOD's and want to add in enough running so that I can go out and bang out an 18 minute 3 miler. Thanks for your help!
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