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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Monday- bike efforts total of 25 min.
:30 600 watts, 700 and over 800 watts.. :20 seconds on that one.
Max 1475 easy..

Crossfit- warm up hip circle, bird feeders, 30 ghd's..

Front squat work up to a heavy 12 reps- 215#

4 rft
40 dubs
20 alternating snatches dumb bell 50#
3 wall walks
9:30 RX+

Felt good to do some more dubs. Have to baby it.. last time did 150 dubs this time 160 dubs.. I think if I just go slow and ease up will be fine.

Did the GLT- gym, trash and laundry.
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