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Re: sfh recovery?

Originally Posted by Brian Butera View Post
I just ordered the sfh recovery whey protein and was wondering if any one else out there has used this supplement, and if so how did it work for you. I have been reluctant to use any type of supplement, but I feel that a good protein will help me with my goals. I have been trying to stay away from anything with a lot of sugar, and sfh looked like a good choice. I currently weigh about 218 and I am trying to get down to around 200. I have been reluctant to start taking any type of supplement because in the past I have typically gained weight when taking anything with creatine in it. However my diet was definitely not on track then, and I feel that it is now. Any comments would be appreciated.

Don't bother. SFH is an even worse product than Progenex full of more BS gimmicks.

1) Its a supplemental facts label just like Progenex (you should be buying only "nutritional facts" labeled proteins).

2) They are not transparent as to who their dairies are in New Zealand. There is no reason for the confidentiality. Very very suspicious.

3) Their website claims Whey Protein Concentrate absorbs faster than Isolate. There is no way to look at that statement any other way than plain wrong. It goes against established science. SFH is the only popular protein out there that is 100% WPC. (WPC is an inferior product to WPI by leaps and bounds).

4) The A2 grass fed crap is a gimmick. Yes A2 grass-fed cow milk is probably AMAZING for you. But that is only if you drink it pure. The milk from these cows is pasteurized to separate the curds and whey. Most likely at a Fonterra plant. Then the whey is pasteurized a second time. All the good stuff that makes that original milk so damn good is destroyed 100%. Complete gimmick. Plus they aren't transparent about the dairies or the manufacturing plants.

And lastly, SFH Recovery is 17g of Protein per serving (32g) - that is like 53% protein per serving which is AWFUL. Average is 70%. Good is 80% and above.

It is embarrassing to see how little Crossfitters know about nutrition. Gimmick chasers and bandwagoners.

Can't wait for SFH to crash and burn just like Progenex.
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