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Re: How did your "Murph" go?

It's the 40# vest that gets me. That is far from a trivial addition, it turns the workout into a much more muscle-fatigue focused workout, as opposed to "just bodyweight." I am generally "strong" on pullups (in terms of strength, not reps). I have done a 100# pullup, ~50% of my bodyweight. I'm trying to imagine how many I could do at 25% of my bodyweight, ~50#, or conversely, what 100 at that weight would feel like, because that's the percentage of BW this guy added.

After a mile run with that weight added.

While also doing 200 pushups and 300 squats with that weight added.

And then finishing with a mile run with that weight added.

And being 12 years older.

And doing it all 20 minutes faster than I currently do Murph. I admit, endurance wods are not my thing, but at the risk of being immodest, I'm not THAT shabby at this, lol. I did the Open all Rx, just missed cracking top 500 in the world in my age range (40-44).....and this is kinda blowing my mind. A little of this may be driven by some discontent with some reps I saw at the event where I did it. I saw a lot of shallow squats and snaked pushups. I prided myself on every single rep, as with any workout, and I'm just wondering if this can actually be real. This guy is claiming to have destroyed just about any Murph score I've heard about, at Rx+.
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