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Re: Mainsite Programing

I think it is important to note the main site provides lots of information to guide users, including general guidance and then very specific guidance. There is a "Start Here!" section, which includes some basic guidance and then branches out to very specific questions including scaling weights using percentages.

For example, the information provided has this to say about scaling weight:

[quote]1.3. What if I can't use the recommended weight?
Use a weight that's manageable to you, or use a percentage of the weight prescribed. Assume the "generic" male crossfitter weighs 175 and the prescribed weight is 95 lbs. Thus, you'd pick a weight that's approximately 55% of your bodyweight.


So far a 115 pound snatch workout, that assumes about 65% of an athletes body weight as a guideline--with the more important preceding statement to "use a weight that is manageable for you."

I do agree using percentages of 1 rep max is a viable way to program, arguably even a better way, but it does have drawbacks as well--such as has been pointed out by Danny Bostick above. One key issue to remember is that CrossFit gained steam and its original big following through the main site and people all over the world doing the workouts and posting their results. It started as a much smaller community. (And although I wasn't following it then most were probably elite level athletes, military personnel, etc.) They were able to compare, track results against each other, and had a lofty standard to aspire to in their fitness endeavors. Those are all good things that come with an "Rx" weight.

In the end, I wouldn't fault the choice to specify a specific weight as opposed to using percentages of one rep maxes.
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