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Re: Crossfit Games Competitors

Originally Posted by Sean Dunston View Post
professionally? I doubt it.
I was judging in Virginia Beach in 2009 when Ben came on the scene at 18. that doesn't leave much time for a pro or even collegiate career.
Not to take anything away from him, because he's an amazing athlete, but if Ben was a baseball prospect of high caliber, don't you think he'd be on a team now? even at the league minimums, he'd be putting CF winnings and endorsements to shame if he was in MLB
Not professional -- his bio on the Crossfit site says he played sports in college (and high school, but I would bet every Crossfitter least the games / regional athletes).

I didn't imply that he was an elite baseball player (if you took it that I did, my bad). Just that he played in college.

The original post calls for games athletes that have only done Crossfit -- Ben Smith wouldn't fit the criteria because of his college career.

Edit -- after a bit of googling, I'm not so sure he played in says on his games page he played college sports, but nothing about playing on the team (maybe intramural?). Also found out he started Crossfit at I take back Smith not qualifying for the OP. My bad.
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