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Re: Open in 6 months, want to make regionals

Originally Posted by Richard Colon View Post
I know the goal is make regionals and you want baby steps - Open>Regions>Games>Podium>Win but why make it there to not be able to give it an honest run?
Seems kinda elitist? How many thousand people submit for the Open? Do you REALLY believe that you should only submit to the Open if you think you could podium at the Games? I understand the mentality of 'play to win', but I don't agree with this statement's tone of "if you can't win, then don't bother playing".

I say go for it. You have the 'tests and metrics' (WOD's and scores) from the past few years Opens, Regionals, and Games, develop your program to focus on meeting those metrics. If improving NEXT SEASON beyond your goal of qualifying for Regionals THIS YEAR is something you're interested in, then you'll have a learning experience this year to build on, and the training for this year would be the same either way.
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