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Re: Open in 6 months, want to make regionals

The open is very metcon(y) - I don't like that word.

therefore, the reason you sucked in the open workouts and were disappointed is because your engine sucked.

you list your strength numbers as a badge of honor. Good on you, and be proud. Pretty good numbers. However, those won't help you as much in the open. You need work capacity - period. So...I'd not focus on a dedicated strength cycle yet. If so, make sure it doesn't deter from getting in some engine work as well.

What is your 100 Burpees time like? Can you go 3-5x 500m Row around the 1:35 pace with only 1 minute rest between each round? 2k Row in the 7min or less range? What about a 3, 6, 9, 12...21, 24 type workout in a 10-12min AMRAP with light weights? Can you touch the 15 to 18 rep round marks?

On the strength thing though. Despite those decent starting numbers, once you get passed the open and focus on metcon stuff, you aren't strong enough to make any mark at the regionals. 225 Squat cleans will crush you for 15+ reps (I believe it was 4 reps in 4 rounds combined with rope climbs) when your max Front Squat is around 285ish. Snatch ladder or OH Squat ladder like there was? Your dead with a max C&J @ 250ish. Remember that bar was from the floor.

I know the goal is make regionals and you want baby steps - Open>Regions>Games>Podium>Win but why make it there to not be able to give it an honest run?
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