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Re: sfh recovery?

Originally Posted by Steve Liberati View Post
Very little. The protein and nutritional value is destroyed in the processing.

Same is true for chopped and formed beef that companies are cleverly selling as grassfed beef jerky.

It's due to the increased surface area - the product is suddenly vulnerable to degradation. The more you play with the protein (i.e putting it through the tumbler or blending all the various parts of the cows into a ground meat) the more the moisture level increases, protein loss intensifies, and the full profile of aminos and omegas degrades.
Agreed, and this applies to different kind of proteins including the uber-respected Progenex which are hydrolyzed and even isolates. It's not a huge deal but something to take into consideration when comparing it to a whole milk protein which will typically yield more amino acids and other things like immunoglobulins naturally...
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