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Re: Review of Get Rx'd Equipment

Originally Posted by John Powell View Post
Great link. The GHDs look REALLY good for the price. If these products stand the test of use and abuse, they should give the bigger brands a run.

Stay clear of the weight vests, even the $70 one. I had the same one and it fell apart during burpees and virtually eveything where you aren't vertical.
Hey John,

The GHDs are pretty awesome. We're going to make a video of them soon so people can better see what you're getting for $320. Our customers have been very happy with them so far.

As for the weight vests, not sure what brand you have but we haven't had any problems with ours. With that said, weight vests aren't an item we have sold a ton of.

Originally Posted by Hector Martinez View Post
In December my brother in law got a few bumbers, only 10lb and a 15lb, a kettelbell and a Med ball. I have used them just for myself and like all of them. The prices are great and I like the feel of the KB and the plates dont bounce much, the only thing is the MedBall, it has a plastic feel to it, but for the price you cant beat it. I will for sure buy from the again.

I want to try their jump rope and power bands.
Hey Hector,

Appreciate the support. We changed the material/texture on the medballs and have gotten really good feedback. Pricing stayed the same

Who else has Get Rx'd stuff? Let the world know!
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