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Re: Bowed Legs

Originally Posted by Dustin Wintczak View Post
Ok why not........

The point of that little story I told? You missed it entirely.

I was trying to show you the similarities in the way you're going about responding to all the folks who are trying to help you. In my...well lets call it an daugther refuses to or does not understand the very simple logical deductions I'm asking her to make.

Me: "Bandaids are for when things are bleeding, are you bleeding?"

D: "No"

At this point she should conclude "I don't need a bandaid". She doesn't and simply asks for a bandaid again because:

a) she really wants a bandaid
b) she wasn't really listening, just waiting for me to stop talking so she can either come up with an excuse or some other reason that doesn't actually exist in reality to have a bandaid.

However since she's 4, I'll give her a pass for another year or so.

You still may be asking, "how does this apply to me?". Well in this case you've described your pain/problem. So you're my daughter in our example, kind of weird I know but bear with me.

The forum members are represented by me in the example.

You in so many words you say, X hurts or Y hurts for whatever the reason. We(forum members) acting reasonably and thinking logically try to offer possible solutions or suggestions. You, in most cases respond with an excuse as to why you can't do what is asked or that you've tried remedy A or B. At which point we (acting as a rational parent would) give more perfectly logical suggestions. Each of which is either dimissed or made excuses for why you can't or won't try.

We inevitably end up back at square one, much like I do with my daughter, with you "asking for a bandaid" again.

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