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Re: Weighted pullups record

Originally Posted by Shane Skowron View Post
Interesting. I wonder why the guy I posted claims the world record, when it's clearly not?
The Past record was by Tim Ferguson, Australia, weighing 178 lb with another 202 lb in 1983
Article from REPS! Magazine
Recognized as a world record by Dale Harder of Speed and Strength encyclopedia.

Most of the "records" listed on are un-verified or hasn't been proven.

The min for just the weight added has been set at 200 lbs by GWR.
July 7th 2011 I submitted records breakers packet for 206.2 lbs added.
specific guidlines can be found here

April 28th 2011 I did a pull-up with 402 lbs total weight with a video and two witnesses.
This record is verified by Dale Harder , and

The only thing strong in this thread is the hate.

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