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I concur with Robb 100% on this one. I thought that the phrase "carb ups make me feel like crap" was so much of a cliche, that I just had to try and hope for a different experience.

Alas, I felt the exact same thing. After stuffing myself on two different carb-up days, the result the next day was always the same. Dazy, irritable, lack of motivation and strength in my workout.

It sounded like perfection-the ultimate way to manipulate your body's hormones. The practical reality however was that it didn't make me feel good, and it was too regimented for me. Although I average 30-70g of carbs per day, I would like to eat more when it is available (like when in a nice tavern),not when I am "allowed" to.

Experience in what works for your body and what doesn't is the second pillar of a healthy lifestyle. (The first being knowledge). Once you know your body well enough, you know when to keep pushing for intensity on your workouts, when to take it easy, when to suddenly stop etc. Same thing with nutrition. (Overeat, undereat, add more carbs, tinker with fat etc.-->This, usually in conjuction with your training practices). (For example, I will often push for 100% on two three-day WOD cycles, eating large protein-fat meals post w/o, then suddenly take a break, lower calories and add carbs...)
It sounds silly but it is an interactive process. You give momentum, then try to "ride the groove". Change momentum, ride the groove.

I hope it doesn't sound corny but that's how it settles in my head.

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