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When and how to switch from SS to Crossfit?

I'm 31 years old and weigh 190lbs now with 20% bf. I've ran Starting Strength twice in the last 8 months for 2 months each time with great gains. When I started I weighed 167lbs. I've gained 12lbs of lean on SS and about 10lbs of non lean.

In an ideal world I would be able to continue on SS or an Intermediate program and add the WODs into my routine but I know my body can't handle that. I want to continue strength gains and to improve form, flexibility on the big lifts. But I also like to maintain a higher level of metcon -- I ran my fastest mile last year at 5:52.

Should I just switch over cold turkey to WODs when I stall on my lifts again -- which will probably be in the next week or so. Or is there a program that transitions the athlete from SS to WODs?

TIA for any insight
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