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Stefan Geertsen
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Stefan's "Starting Strength" Work out Log

Hello, I just started doing "Starting strength" today after doing the xfit wod's for several months. I've decided to switch to this program to increase my strength before going back to the Wod's.

My stats are as follows: 20 years old, I weight about 176 pounds and I am 6'2".

first day, I put a little less weight than i can handle, and will increase every work out.

work out:

Back Squat - 3(sets)x170(lbs)x5(reps)
Bench press - 3(sets)x135(lbs)x5(reps)
Deadlift - 1(set)x180(lbs)x5(reps)
Unweighted Dips - 2(sets)x8(reps)

Felt good, but was pretty easy, Next work out (tuesday) I plan on increasing everything by 5lbs
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