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Oh, that’s just the “new math,” dontcha know? :wallbash:

You are the details master! Of course, you’re right: the numbers don’t add up. I checked all the math initially, but it looks like the tables got horked up in layout and we didn’t catch it in the final review. Thanks for calling it to my attention.

The numbers should be:

Athlete A
male; 6’3”
body weight = 209 lbs.
total watts for 500m = 546
time for 500m = 1:26.2
power ratio = 2.61

Athlete B
female; 5’6”
body weight = 128 lbs.
total watts for 500m = 340
time for 500m = 1:41.0
power ratio = 2.66

Athlete C
female; 5’6”
body weight = 129 lbs.
total watts for 500m = 303
time for 500m = 1:44.8
power ratio = 2.35

Athlete D
female; 5’8”
body weight = 141 lbs.
total watts for 500m = 329
time for 500m = 1:42.1
power ratio = 2.33

That should help clear things up, no? Sorry for making you do so much math on a Sunday.

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