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Lots of articles and lots of variety in this month's CrossFit Journal:

Mike Burgener, with Tony Budding, “Learning the Olympic Lifts—The Grip” – Coach B gives a bunch of specifics about how to get a grip.

Angela Hart, “What Is Your Power IQ?” – In the second article in her bimonthly series on rowing, indoor rowing trainer Angela Hart gets to the heart of the matter: power output.

Mark Rippetoe, “The CrossFit Total” – If you haven’t already seen this new CrossFit workout in the 061203 WOD or as a free download from the CFJ site, where have you been??

Becca Borawski, “Fight Camp” – This month, Ring Girl talks to an MMA trainer about conditioning for fighters in the weeks before a big bout.

Scott Hagnas, "Bike Control Basics: Dropping Off Obstacles" – In case hucking your body alone off objects (a la parkour) isn’t enough, Scotty teaches us how to do it on two wheels.

Roger Harrell, “The Front Handspring” – How cool would it be to be able to celebrate your next Fran PR by busting out a string of front handsprings?

Lon Kilgore, “The Paradox of the Aerobic Fitness Prescription” – In a major scoop of the big academic exercise physiology journals, Professor Kilgore sucks the air out of conventional wisdom on aerobic training and brings us some much-needed clear thinking about what VO2 max is really all about and what it really takes to improve it. Don’t miss this one.

Tony Leyland, “VO2 max: Not the Gold Standard?” – Why would you pay the big bucks to strap yourself into some machines to determine a number for your VO2 max that’s really only relative? Tony Leyland explains why there’s no such thing as a single overall VO2 max, and why CrossFit’s benchmark workouts will give you the fitness feedback you need.

Jeff Martone, “Kettlebell Basics: Improving Your Swing, Part 2” – More from Martone on kettlebell swing technique, including taking it overhead with CrossFit’s “American” swing.

Michael Rutherford, The Yin and Yang of the Back - Coach Rut gets into the complementary dumbbell versions of the Romanian deadlift and Tommy Kono’s loosening deadlift.

The Grinder: CrossFit FRAGO #5, “PATRICIA” - This month’s “Grinder” order puts the troops through a team workout of running, ring dips, rope climbs, L-sits, and burpee-pull-ups. (Yay, burpees!)

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