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Back to linear progression with Back Squat ?

180 lbs here and i've been doing 531 BBB for almost a year. My max lifts;

Deadlift: 450 lb
Shoulder Press: 180 lb
Bench Press: 240lb

I can 1x BW Press, 2.5x BW Deadlift and i'm happy with these. I thought my Low Bar squat was not contributing to my oly lifts and any other stuff that used more quads, and 2 weeks ago i have switched my Back Squat from Low Bar to High Bar. My max with LBBS was 340 lbs and now i can only lift 280 lbs with HBBS. Also i started doing Front Squats too and i can go for 240 lb max, same with my Bench Press. My Squats are way behind my other lifts.

Do you think is it logical to go linear with only FS and BS, do 3x5 and increase the load every workout ? I can go on with 531 on the other lifts, so my program would be like this;

Monday: 531 Press + 5x10 Bench Press + Metcon
Tuesday: Snatch Workout + 3x5 Squat + 5x10 Deadlift + ABS
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 531 Bench Press + 5x10 Push Press + Metcon
Friday: Clean Workout + 531 Deadlift + 3x5 Front Squat + Metcon

Do you think that works in order to gain faster with Squats and close the gap between my lifts ?
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