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Re: Weight belts again

Originally Posted by Eric Montgomery View Post
By that logic you shouldn't train with barbells even though they're easy to grip and load incrementally, because they don't mimic the kinds of heavy things you'd see in a real-life situation. You also shouldn't warm up before attempting a max effort lift in the gym, because you're not going to have time to warm up before you lift that hypothetical 600lb log.

See how silly that sounds? Deadlifting a heavy barbell will still help you pick up heavy odd objects, and it's a lot easier to vary the load on a barbell than it is on a heavy log you could train with in your back yard.

You can get stronger faster by using a belt properly, and that belted strength will translate into increased un-belted strength. Period. Your strength doesn't disappear if you take the belt off.

Straps are a different story because using them habitually prevents your grip from ever getting strong enough to lift that weight without assistance from the straps.
I admit that my logic is not quantitative and I do regret how quickly I published it. I will restate though that it is my opinion not a scientific fact.

My ORM BSQ is 405 and my DL 535 unbelted. If I am not interested in making significant gains on those and I can do both with great form and no injury what is the advantage of using a belt?

I am not advocating either way, just saying what I do.