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Re: Blair's I should have a log since I don't like logs log.

Missed last nights workout on account of falling asleep randomly. Barely ate today cept some lemon water and cherries and a glass of milk, egg, and whey protein and vitamins I found beforehand. Probably will affect workout a bit.

Warmed up today with stick deadlifts, romanian DL, good mornings, back and front squats ( forgot Oly's I guess and holding the bottom of each of these movements ). Notice my back was more limber in candlesticks and yoga plow/basket position than it is usually so early in the warmup. Either it's the fact I'm not sitting in a car commuting or doing that set works! It's sweetness anyways.

Worked some press to HS and pirouettes in very small amount of space in middle of floor.

Tried HSPU on parallettes and ended up controlled negatives which for me no way Jose. Got to the bottom and got stuck. Nothing out of the hole. Was able to do 5 at 75 degree angle arched against wall or stomach to. Two workouts in the past week with HSPU means I'm still recovering from that. Still some tightness in elbow/triceps. Blech. Gotta try these when I'm super duper recovered.

Lever work no go either. Bleh. Need to let elbows rest.

Got on to WOD. Tailbone is still a bit sore so I subbed pistols and held the rings doing them concetrating on using legs to push. Notice my abs were contracted during them and never noticed that before. Neat. Subbed ring dips for supported ring dips taking off about 10% of BW while resting on rolled over toes. Tried some kipping PU and it wasn't happening so subbed for pullups with feet up in block. Kind of turns into a row.

5 or 6 rounds was just over 20 minutes. No idea on seconds. Doing assisted stuff kills time but for the now I still need to build up volume, neuro-efficiency and capacity. Wonder if riding bike will be lame-o tomorrow. Ended with a set of back extensions and roman chair situps. Looked for a weight ( DB where on the base of the stationary bicycle I was doing these on ) and found my bowling ball. 14 pounds and I can use it instead of a medball. May wear steel toed boots then. First set with BW was 15 each and second managed 10. Need to do these more till I get to 50.

Wrists don't hurt but it's not like I'm doing anything with them for real. Gotta make an open gym on a saturday when I can in Davis. My pike and yoga plow flexibility is pretty darn good compared to what it used to seem like it cold. I'm still chalking this up to the DL/RDL's/GM and squats early on which wasn't always a part of my warmup. Couldn't do candlesticks cause of tailbone.

Able to jump and land though soleus felt tight in workout. Feels real limber now.

Was under 165 today which means 160 and 155 are in sight. This was probably not due to eating much yesterday and water weight. Still will be more difficult in losing weight when I can eat more but should be working out a lot more by then.

About 150 to 165 on splits at first. Could force it but rather not have the DOMS. Need to find a place to do kipping PU. Long hair in ears is annoying when working out. Should be able to do 100 and 200 sprints on sunday with 400s as on midfoot.
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