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John A Crane
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Mid Atlantic Regional's 2017

I am going to keep up with this Work out Log! My goal is to qualify for the 2017 Mid Atlantic Regional's. This year I finished 2868 in the Mid Atlantic Region. 2015 I will finish between 1000-1500. 2016 I will finish between 500-999. 2017 I will finish 1-499. I am making this Log so I can hold my self accountable. Right now I my biggest weakness preventing me from doing better is my strength. The skill movements I need to become proficient at are bar muscle ups, muscle ups, butterfly pull ups. I can not string multiples together yet. My plan this year is to follow Wendlers 531 with more squatting as outlined in his book Until November-December. I would like to be in the 400 on my squat & deadlift and put 50 lbs on my clean before I start focusing on more metcons to get ready for the 2015 open. I will also try and in corporate some Westside methodology of doing assistant work and increasing my GPP. So that is the rough outline oh and I am 25 year old male 5'10 188lbs at 20% body fat. Just a little soft around the mid section.

Squat -335lb
Deadlift -365lb
Press -140lb
Power Clean - 205lb
Clean & Jerk - 205lb
Snatch - 155lb
Max C2B Pullups - 15

Monday 7/21/14
Warmup 5 min easy pace Airdyne
15 min Stretching/Rolling
Squat - 1x5 135#, 2x3 185#, 1x5 220#, 1x5 250#, 1x5 280#
Dumbell Bench - 4x10 50#
Barbell Rows - 5x5 135#
Ring Dips - 5x5 first 2 rounds with 1 pood kb
Strict PullUps - 5x5 with a couple negative with the 1 pood kb
Air Dyne - 9 Min 20 seconds work 100% 40 Sec Recovery. During work set tried to maintain 100 RPM throughout the entire 9 Min.
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