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Re: Best SS + CF hybrid?

With all that you've got on your plate with the martial arts training PLUS the full time CF schedule of 3 on 1 off, it'll be tough to do. Moreover the results vs. doing nothing but SS would be impacted.

Having said that, I believe it is possible to work it in (just about anything is with proper planning) if it's something you want to pursue. Just keep in mind that again the returns from the training won't be as described in the book you'll be reading because of what all you're doing.

I would approach it by laying out what is your first priority and then charting in the remainder of the training which would be considered supplemental. One approach might place (temporarily mind you) priority on Starting Strength training as described in the book for 3 full days per week. Then put in what's next important to you, and so on. Everything that follows Starting Strength in this example is purely supplemental and should not be programmed so as to effect the results (negatively) of that training. Rippetoe has stated in another forum:

It depends on where you perceive that your training should be focused. If you're not strong enough to effectively do the WODs, it makes sense to focus on SS for a while to get better at force production and then go back to CF. If your strength is good now and your primary interest is in CF GPP conditioning, strength work occurs often enough in the WOD that you can just do it like that. Assuming you mean that you need to concentrate on strength for a while, I'd start with straight SS programming, and then add one metcon workout after 3-4 weeks and see how your strength work responds. Probably 2 metcon/3 SS workouts/week is all you can tolerate, and just follow that until strength progress plateaus, at which time you go back to full-time CF. But this will be hard to do without enough calories going in, and strict Zone makes this hard. Good luck.
I hope this helps.

I'm in week 2 of a 6 week experiment where I am following 3 full standard Starting Strength days and 2 CF days per week. This has been really tough, and super hard to find the energy to complete each day. In addition, I can only seem to up the loads minimally each day. I am considering tapering back the metcons to see better results and take it easier on my body already. It really is that tough. Even with following the Zone Diet very strictly, resting well, etc. Which I am doing.

Once I feel better I may reintroduce the metcons in weeks 5 & 6. Then again, I'm no CrossFit monster by anymeans.

You may want to check out the great SS posts by Forum Member, Tim Donahey. He's been really helpful to me in terms of approaching this.

Hope this helps,

David Stout
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