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Ben Kaminski
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Thanks for the valuable info and insights. I got nearly 9 hours sleep last night and am already feeling a little better. I did a toned down version of the WOD yesterday (eliminating all the high-intensity work, I did pullups, situps, cleans, and hug-a-twinkies), did not go to BJJ, ate more than enough carbs to satisfy Zone reqs for afternoon meal and dinner (apples, oranges, some spinach, oatmeal, a piece of key lime pie), and rented a movie to relax.

I do worry about insulin; I want to keep things balanced (i.e. Zone), but I don't have enough experience or knowledge to be certain of the right way. Thanks for mentioning the suppressed insulin production of the pancreas during high intensity work, I'll try your suggestion to supply glucose at that time (Gatorade?).

I'm open to the idea that rest is just as important as training, it makes sense (as anyone who took a week off and came back can attest to). However, the balance of the two is difficult to master, different for each person, and can change each day. Sometimes I have to force myself to do the WOD, but on rare occasions I am so energized that exercise is more play than work. It is this state that I want to maximize, and I know that it takes rest to achieve, but it's tough seeing other people handle larger volumes of exercise and progress, when I'm at a lower capacity. One of the reasons I don't normally post my WOD results online is to try to avoid competition, where I know I wouldn't measure up. I keep my own training diary to compete with myself, though.

By now I'm just rambling, but I'll keep resting for now.
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