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Todd Ebert
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Has anyone had experience incorporating planned rest periods into their training schedule?

I am an extremely consistent exerciser, to the point where I wonder whether a week or two off every few months might be a good thing. I read about something like this somewhere and I think they called it strategic deconditioning and recommended that the optimum amount of time off would be 9 to 11 days. The idea behind it is to allow the body to let down it's guard after it has overadapted to the exercise to which it has become accustomed.

I know that one of the guiding principles of crossfit is that the workouts are always changing in an attempt to never let the body fully adapt. I'm curious to hear if anyone has felt the need to try extended breaks and, if so, how it went. Also, if you have tried this, do you completely stop exercising or do you maintain some low to moderate level of active rest?
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