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David Wood
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Yes to both. Usually, you get to rest only between "rounds" (however those are specified in the WOD).

If there's no specific rest time given in the instructions, you're usually welcome to take as much rest as you want or need between rounds. Sometimes the rest interval is specified, too.

If the WOD merely says to do some sequence for a specified time (usually 20 or 30 minutes), then it's up to you to try and manage your rest so as to get the most possible number of rounds in the available time . . . it becomes a problem in "fatigue management".

Similarly, if the challenge is to complete all 3 rounds in the minimum total time, well, then take rests wherever you need to (for me, that will sometimes be in the middle of a set if I have to break the 12 pullups into groups of 3 or 4). But you take as little rest as possible in order to minimize total start to finish time.

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