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Re: Official WordPress users thread.

Is was great meeting you at the affiliate gathering in Vegas. It's good to see that you posted this here. Matt and I had a conversation at the airport about how surprising it is that more affiliates don't use WordPress. It's open source and free with most hosting plans. For less than $10 per month you can have your own site with your own domain that is highly customizable.

Our CrossFitHB site is still a work in progress but I wouldn't do it any other way than with WordPress. Last year I paid over $4k to have my business website redone before I truly learned how versatile WordPress is. You shouldn't think of it as a blogging platform because there are some really sharp people on the web (Matt included) that have used WordPress as a content management platform to build full fledged websites.

If I were to do my other site today I could purchase hosting, install WordPress and hire a WP coder to do the entire site (with a ton of custom features) for under $1k. For the types of sites most affiliates use, you can make an awesome, totally custom WordPress site for $200-500 total. If any of you are interested, contact Matt. He knows all of the plugins you need to quickly and easily add video and photos to your site. I promise you won't regret it.
Josh Lewis
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