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Re: Two a day question

It would be foolish to try to do Outlaw and whatever your class programming is.

Something Outlaw Connectivity (their gymnastics component) and/or their BarbellGymnastics (SnCJ, strength work) might not be a bad idea in addition to your class programming especially if it doesn't hit those modalties on said day.

So basically, don't do Outlaw Barbell portion if your class workout is gonna hit Snatches, Cleans, Jerks, or Squats and strength work. Basically don't do things twice. If you Snatched on the Outlaw BBG and then did cleans at your class, that would probably be alright or Squats one, presses on the other.. You might even get away if one session was front squats and the other back squats or DL and squat.

YOU don't need to do 2 metcons in a day. Maybe if one was short duration and one was something monostructural cardio (row/run/swim) that would be fine but I don't think you need to do one short and one medium/long metcon.
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