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rotater cuff tear and grinding of the scapula on my ribs

im in the military currently serving in iraq, i am a crossfitter and expirenced weight lifter. i was having shoulder pain inside my cuff. I was doing some jiu jitsu with a freind of mine when my shoulder popped loudly and was extremely sore and weak afterward. i was diagnosed with dual problems, a compacted cuff and a minor tear in the front of my cuff just above my pectoral. i am currently undergoing cortizone and steroid therapy for the cuff tear and it seems to be working well. but what i cant understand and they seem to be at lost about is my shoulder blade or scapula i think is grinding on my ribs in the lowest part of my shoulder blade just under my armpit. i also have a pain just under my trap in my upper back area just to the left of my shoulder where it all meets and wraps together or something like that. any help or explantion could help. they just call it krepitus or something like that and i think it is more.
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