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Re: Today I Weighed In at 199.6 "OnederLand Baby"

Originally Posted by Jason David View Post
Great work...Now that you're crossfitting - use the scale as one of MANY measurements. Focus on performance - the rest will follow.
You definitely need to start a workout log. We have an entire section of this board for workout logs. Feel free to start yours! There's nothing like progress to push you harder. For example, today for strength, we did overhead squats. After doing a set with 53 lbs and trying to figure out where I needed to end up to get a PR, I flipped back through my written log and saw that my last PR was 43 lbs! Go ahead and wow yourself. Log every time, every weight, every set. Put your thoughts on it down in writing. You'll see your good days and bad days. Make every day a new PR! I'm 4 months in and I'm still not out of daily PR territory yet!
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