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Re: Camille L.

Originally Posted by Ben Norris View Post
What about old mates wheelbarrow that broke last year during that Sandbag move WOD? If he had kicked some sandbags or smashed something would you say he was undisciplined?

The singular task at hand was to move the sandbags from Point A to Point B. Even if your wheelbarrow breaks, you have a way to move the sandbags. Get busy doing that, and let the officials deal with how to make up for the fact that their lousy equipment screwed up your performance. Your performance as an athlete stands to gain nothing whatsoever by you kicking and smashing stuff while you're on the clock.

If afterwards you wanna burn the town down, go for it, but not while the clock is running. The only thing to do while the clock is running is compete as best you can.

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