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Re: Camille L.

Originally Posted by Katherine Derbyshire View Post
But I don't think anyone would be the least bit surprised if Montana kicked over the Gatorade bucket. Baseball players cuss out the umpire (thereby getting ejected) or smash things in the dugout (sometimes injuring themselves) all the time.
Yep, but that's when they're off the field of play and not on the clock. What we're talking about with Camille is that she cried on the field of play, while the clock was running. The athlete should be engaged in one thing only when the clock is running -- doing his/her best to win. I fail to see how crying accomplishes that objective.

I would absolutely understand it if Camille cried, kicked the Gatorade bucket, or smashed things in the tunnel afterwards, but not while she's supposed to be working.

Men and women express emotions differently, that's all. is it a girl thing then? It's okay for a girl to cry in this situation? If it had been Josh Bridges crying in the same situation, what would the popular opinion be here? I'd almost bet that most (if not all) of y'all would be looking down on a guy for crying about a malfunctioning rower.

Don't judge unless you've been there.
Too late. The horse is out of the barn already, I guess.

While I certainly can't say that I have competed at this level of athletics and on that stage, I did compete at very high levels in various sports as a young man, and I have learned this lesson the hard way. I once lost a perfect game in a big playoff game due to an umpire's bad call at first base. I was so upset about it that I lost focus, walked the next batter on four pitches, and ultimately lost the game. Up until that point, I was literally unhittable, but my lack of focus and discipline weakened me, and we lost. Had I had the mental fortitude to focus only on my job instead of on the problems that others had caused for me, we probably would have won.

I submit that the same is true for Camille. Had she just gritted her teeth and pushed forward, she probably would have won that heat. Crying certainly wasn't going to win it for her.

Don't get me wrong. It's not a Camille thing. I have great admiration for her. I would have the same thoughts on any other athlete who cried in that situation.

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