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Proven year of work doing the Main Site WODs, more to come

Hi there at about a year ago, I consistently start doing the main site WOD almost every possible day that I physically could do, If I have not done a workout it is because I was traveling/sick/ or taking a week off for rest. I would take maybe a week off or a cycle off every month, sometimes even doing 2 workouts a day for a week, numbers don't lie and from now on I will keep this thread to follow to keep track of current PRs.

Before I started doing the main site WODs,

Body Weight right now: 30/M/5'10/ 143 LB I have always being about the same weight. Yeah I know I am a light weight, but it doesn't matter when it comes to Crossfit.

My very first workout when I started Crossfit was an actual Warm up consisting of 15 squats,15 sit ups, 15 supermans, 15 push ups, 15 dips and 15 pulll ups.

Power clean before less than 95 LB x 1, Now 190 LB x 1
Didn't really know how to properly do a Backsquat before, now PR is 275 x 1
Squat cleans before unknown, now 185 LB x 1
Weighted Pull up right around 65 LB x 1, now 125 LB x 1
Snatch 75 LB x 1 , now Power snach 135 x 1
Press before unknown, Now 145 x 1
Jerk, before less than 135 LB now 190 LB x 1
Deadlift Before less than 225, now 425LB x 1, Don't tell Speal about this one.
Didn't know the actual difference on the press, push press and the jerk before I started crossfit, now I do.
Didn't know what paleo, zone or atkins was, now I know about paleo and the zone and how important nutrition is.
400 meter run before 1:01 Now right about the same time: I would like to check in the track:
Mile run: before 5:35 , now right about the same; I haven't run in a track to actually have the right distance and see.
5K before Unknown but I have always being an OK runner now 23:30
Fran: Before I was too weak and inflexible to do 1 x 95 LB thruster and couldn't finish Fran for about a year, Now 3:53 as RX'D
Angie before about 30 minutes: now Current PR is in the 11:30 yesterday did Angie and my time was really slow. 16:40
Cindy: Before Never Did. Now 28 Rounds
Mary: 10 Rounds as RX'D
Barbara: 14:23 of total work time is the PR
Diane: 4:32 A lot of Handstand not with Full ROM. although unbroken through all the Deadlifts. AS RX'd
Elizabeth 14:41 Full Squat cleans. AS RX'D
Karen; 8:52 AS RX'D
Linda as RX'D 27:52 (PR) Had to wait on bench, switch plates and wait for the bar during the Squat cleans, all the Squat cleans were touch and go, but the waiting killed my time. still a PR though.
30 Muscle ups: 10:17 as RX'D on Rings
Fight gone bad: 304 AS RX'D
Tabata something else 523 AS RX'D
The Seven: 40:36 AS RX'D
Ryan: 17:50 AS RX'D

THis past July 2010 I also got my L1 Cert In Colorado. I love Crossfit and I am stronger and faster than never before in my life, I am starting to believe that If I train my over head lifts a little more I might have a chance to compete with the elite guys and put up a nice fight and beat a lot of them.

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