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Re: Possible Cross Fit Affiliate Names

As someone who lives in Kanata, I don't find CrossFit Kanata confusing at all.

Note that there is already CrossFit Ottawa (WFS) although the gym is also called/branded The Gas Hut. It seems to have grown out of what was called CrossFit Mobile here in Ottawa, run by Pierre Auge (WFS). There used to be a Capital CrossFit as well as CrossFit NCR (National Capital Region) in town it seems, see this thread (WFS) for some more info.

Let me just say other than working out at The Gas Hut for some time, I have no other links to these gyms, but I wanted to share what I've picked up after lurking around the boards for the last year.

If I can add my two cents, I like names that have the area that the gym is in.

Good luck!
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