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Re: Possible Cross Fit Affiliate Names

Originally Posted by Jordan Wright View Post
Just did some brain storming today and was hoping to get some input and thoughts. I am looking to open my frist box this Sept if all goes well.

Possible Company Names:
 Iron Works Cross Fit
 Cross Fit Kanata
 Cross Fit Steel Warriors
 Legion Cross Fit
 Cross Fit Gladiators
 Spartan Cross Fit
 Rangers Cross Fit
 Extreme Cross Fit
 Dragon Warrior Cross Fit

Some of these maybe taken. I haven't reviewed all the Cross Fit affiliates.

Let me know which one you like best.

Cheers. Jordan
Hey Jordan, take those words and look them up in latin or spanish or german. You get some cool sounding names that mean the same thing. Good marketing technique I learned from myself.
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