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Re: Possible Cross Fit Affiliate Names

Possible Company Names:
 Iron Works Cross Fit
 Cross Fit Kanata
 Cross Fit Steel Warriors
 Legion Cross Fit
 Cross Fit Gladiators
 Spartan Cross Fit
 Rangers Cross Fit
 Extreme Cross Fit
 Dragon Warrior Cross Fit

My two cents:

Iron, Steel, Hard...used to death and sounds very 80s when I hear it.

Sorry. Kanata, what's that? From a consumer standpoint, this might confuse people.

Extreme, well if you only want extreme clients OK, but you might scare the average joe/soccer mom off with that one.

Rangers sound very military/law enforcement.

Spartan...personally I loved 300...I like that one!

Steel Warriors....again a little outdated for me....also sounds like a workers union

Legion......super hero'ish.........yeah I like it!

Dragon Warrior...again 70s-80s flashback....expect to hear Bon Jovi / White Snake when walk in door.

All great names, I'm sure have meaning to affiliate is CrossFit40...because I'm 45 and CrossFit has changed my life. My younger clients have trouble identifying with that name and I'm constantly explaining it over and over and over. *sigh* LOL

Have fun with it!
"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." ~Albert Einstein
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