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Barry, David, Mike,

First off I apologize for the poor syntax in the first post. I was in a quite a rush and didnīt realize I posted with half the words missing. What I actually meant to say was that the site does convince me of the profound effect my diet can have on my hormones, but doesnīt give me a clue as to how to regulate them.

David, your CKD explanation really cleared things out for me. However, after reading about it I found how extreme the measures weīre talking about here really are. Under 20grams of carbs??!! How on earth can that number be attainable? And no fruit or veggies either? I donīt know if this just me, but I find that a diet of eggs, tuna, chicken, veal and cottage cheese all throughout the day is very hard to follow.

So since my approach to dieting is to ave no absolutes, and to mix and match as I please, would just cutting out complex carbs for five days and then loading up on them have the same hormonal effect?

Mike, I agree that a too structured meal plan isnīt what we should be looking for. But isnīt that what a CKD diet eventually do to you? The choices arenīt that many, and when combined with practicalities, (what I can bring, prepare and eat at this time, and at that place etc.)it makes those 5 zero carb days very strict and rigid.

I have never had a problem with carbs in my life, and frankly Iīm kinda turned off with this whole carb demonization just as I was turned off with the whole anti-fat and anti-red meat Ŧmovementŧ. To lose that extra 1-2% of body fat that I want, slowly, whilst keeping my muscle, I have thought that my first step would be to cut complex carbs in the evening. But being that I workout at night, everyoneīs screaming that cutting complex carbs from my post-workout meal is a big mistake.

Itīs good that we have all this variety of opinion and the healhy debate going on, but sometimes, itīs outright confusing! And even though my diet and fitness level are very important to me, I have never ever bought a nutrition book because:

A. I am reading too many other books at the same time
B. I donīt want to spend my time reading something and supporting its ideas when I know that seconds later, Iīll say again,:

-Interesting, but it is isnīt exactly science!

So iīll still be mixing, matching, trying different things, etc.

I like fiber, I like complex carbs, I feel good and workout good with them, and Iīd love it if the diet I want to use to burn fat would not exclude them.

Sorry for the rant-thanks for your time and advice:happy:
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