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Re: 2010 games scoring - impossible to catch up?

Originally Posted by Marcel Zwinger View Post
I'm tired of the old:
If it's a heavy weight: "sorry small dude, you are too weak, hahaha!"
If it's light/body weight: "hey, that's unfair, it favors the little guy, you can't say, that he/she is the fittest"

basically it boils down to:"I want my big dude to win"
Last year was a fair test. I hate when there's no legitimate test of real strength and the top CFers are skinny, moderately strong guys with good conditioning. I think Graham is a good "ambassador" and so is Rich. Spealler is a very impressive competitor, but I don't see how anyone can say he is the #3 "most fit person in the world" when his max DL is about 400lbs and he squats 300lbs (this is literally under half of what some people can lift at reasonable bodyweights, i.e. around 200lbs). Not to mention that in real sports, you don't get to do less work than the other competitors (i.e. push-ups, pull-ups, kettlebell swings, deadlifts, cleans, jerks, etc, etc).

Long distance run/row/swim/bike. Middle Distance Metcon. 1rm. Add some variety, put in some agility/speed tests, make some mixed-modal events, and you have a legit competition for World's Fittest. A competition where 2/3 of the events are mixed-modal 4-8 minute events and there is NO true test of strength? Nope.

I liked the first Games and Last year's competition. The 2007 Games ("every second counts") had the strongest guys finishing at the top, but I still thought it was a poor test of overall fitness. This year, I was rooting for Froning and he did very well, but I still think it was a bad test.

Again, though, I think Rich and Graham were the top 2 out there, and I think that even if they changed 2 of the final events to be a long distance row and a 1rm clean, we'd have the same winners. I think Mikko would have taken Speal's spot.
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