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Re: Popping Knee

Originally Posted by Brent Ramos View Post
Also, I've located exactly what it is that causes the discomfort.

Whatever it is runs from the back of my thigh (near the inside/inboard side of my thigh) and runs down my leg and wraps around and runs down the inboard side of the knee.

It's a tendon or something that you can shift with your fingers.

I can locate it by laying on down and crossing my legs while extended [left(the injured one)] and moving my leg from side to side, which produces the shifting of whatever runs down my leg. This causes no pain, however, I am almost certain this is what causes the discomfort when beginning to run.

I've attached an image, which is of a right leg, however it is my left leg that I'm referring to.
It seems your image didn't come through. If you've actually located the insult, that's good. What you're describing sounds more like a hamstring or adductor issue - semitendonosis, maybe semimembranosus or gracilicis. Those, however, shouldn't be dependent on your patella location like the vastus medialis would be. If they are affected by your running, that makes me think that there might be a bit more complicated mechanical issue - likely some sort of weakness or technique issue that's contributing to either excessive rotation or just overuse. Honestly though, it's hard to say without evaluating you. If it's at all possible, can you see a military physical therapist?
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