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Re: Popping Knee

Originally Posted by Brent Ramos View Post
Thanks for replying, Brent.

Yeah, I definitely know that's a problem, however, what's strange to me is that the discomfort/pain only occurs on the INSIDE or inboard side of my knee, which is on the opposite side of the maltracking patella. Any idea why? Is there a connection there? I know that when the shifting/maltracking becomes more intense, the discomfort on the inside of my knee increases. It seems as if they're related, though I can't see how considering that they're on opposite sides of the knee.
Well, if the patella tracks laterally, it stretches the structures on the medial side that insert onto it - mainly the medial patellar retinacular fibers (deep connective tissue) and the more superficial vastus medialis. If you fix that, it can maybe help alleviate some of your pain.
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